History of Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is one of the biggest football clubs in England who has reached many excellent achievements in Premier League as well other national football events.

To understand more detail about Liverpool FC, we have a summary about history of Liverpool FC as the following. If you are a fan of this club, you shouldn’t miss top events. It lets you know more information about Liverpool during the time of foundation and growth.

In the previous article, we refer origin of foundation it as well achievements in the Bill Shankly era. Let it continue the next period with other records.

Adding more title to set of perfect collection

Someone calls that Liverpool has reign by themselves. Although they changed person including footballers, coaches and organizers, they maintained their stable style during a long time. They continued to dominate big achievements in the ranking.

For example, under management of Paisley, this club got 6 titles for Premier League and 3 titles for League Cups. These achievements were incredible within 9 years in charge of this coach.

After Paisley, Joe Fagan who was ever assistant of Paisley, he still got series of successes for this team. The truth that he led Liverpool to go to the Treble league within the first season he managed.

So, people comment that Liverpool was the best to dominate the England football in this period.

Tragedies of Heysel and Hillsborough

Besides great victories, Liverpool FC had some tragedies. One of them was tragedy in Heysel and Hillsborough. In a match between Liverpool and Juventus in the final European Cup in 1985. Some crazy fans cheered up so that they caused a wall to collapse. The bad consequence was 39 fans to be died. This was a terrible accident leading all English clubs were banned to go to Euro for any leagues within the next five years.