Liverpool almost lost at their home field

Leading from the middle of the first half, Liverpool had to rely on the goal of central defender Lovren to draw Napoli 1-1 at the evening of November 27.

After nearly 45 minutes being led, Liverpool equalized in the second half. Starting from the right corner, Dejan Lovren chose the correct drop point, defeated Dries Mertens in the aerial phase, and then headed into the near corner, causing Meret goalkeeper to watch.

Liverpool could not take advantage of the psychological excitement after this goal, despite having three attacking Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane. The defending Champions League winner failed to get a shot on target for the remaining 25 minutes and accepted a 1-1 draw with Napoli.

Only one point in the penultimate round, Liverpool still hold the top of Group E, but must strain in the last round – as a guest of Salzburg. Only three points higher than the Austrian team, Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students need at least one point to continue the journey to defend the European title

Four of the last six matches, Liverpool have won close. Three of them, Klopp’s team scored the decisive goal in the last 15 minutes. However, in front of the defense playing the true catenaccio of Napoli, the English team lacked the mutation and speed in the decisive moments. Mane did not finish a single time during 90 minutes, and Salah and Firmino, each had only one shot on target.

Two minutes after Fabinho left the pitch, the visitors took the lead. From a long pass across the line, Mertens escaped down the field, before taking a shot from a narrow corner to hit Alisson Becker. The Liverpool player complained to referee Carlos Del Cerro Grande that Virgil Van Dijk had been fouled earlier. However, after using VAR, the referee recognized the goal for Napoli.

Klopp rushed into the tunnel, right after the referee’s halftime whistle. But when it came back in the second half, things didn’t look better for the home team. With the exception of Lovren’s goal, Liverpool have only one more situation worth considering as an opportunity when Salah takes a touch in a turning position. The ball went wide but hit the goalkeeper Meret.