Liverpool – Leicester: The return of Rodgers (Part 1)

Four years after leaving Anfield, coach Brendan Rodgers returned with a clear desire: to stop the old team’s winning game.

Four years ago, the news of Brendan Rodgers leaving Liverpool seemed to surprise the football world. On the live broadcast, when MC Ed Chamberlin heard the news, Thierry Henry was so startled that he put his hand on Jamie Carragher’s thigh, as if he could not believe what he just heard. That awkward and humorous act has been viral on social networks until now.

Henry is shocked to hear that Liverpool has fired Rodgers

Thierry Henry was shocked to learn that Rodgers was fired by Liverpool.

That day was October 4, 2015, Liverpool fired Rodgers. Today, four years later, or 1662 days after the worst of his career, Rodgers returned to Anfield for the first time, with his new club. Leicester City, the team that is in very high form, will do everything to put an end to Liverpool’s perfect start.

Four years away from Anfield is also a stormy year in the life of the 46-year-old military leader. During that time, he was divorced, remarried, unemployed, hospitalized in an emergency, robbed to attack his home, won the first titles in his life as a military commander, becoming “the Savior” and the cursed. at Celtic in just one day.

Today, Rodgers will return to Anfield as a head-up, as his Leicester are in third place and playing high-flying football. But in the face of familiar stands and familiar pitch, how can Rodgers prevent memories from rushing back? Rodgers’ last game as Liverpool manager was a derby, drawing 1-1 at Everton. Liverpool finished the Premier League in 10th place. A call from a representative of Fenway Sports Group delivered the message: he was fired.

Rodgers recalled: “Sunday news broke in the newspaper, then on Monday, job offers appeared.” But he couldn’t get into work so early, he still had to stroke his wounds. Rodgers came to Liverpool with a lot of ambition, with 180 pages of projects in hopes of bringing “The Kop” back to the heyday. Liverpool is not just a team, it is also the hero of Rodgers – someone who wants to become a new Sir Alex Ferguson of the English Premier League. It took seven months after being dismissed by Liverpool, Rodgers accepted the next job, from Celtic. The day he made his debut for the Scottish team, a stage was set up at Parkhead and 13,000 fans came to greet him.