Liverpool: Victory thanks to the unsung heroes (Part 1)

Liverpool still win thanks to the big stars. But behind that victory, there were still silent heroes. They themselves are contributing to create a perfect machine for Juergen Klopp.

Soccer Schedule today. Directly finalize and compete for the third round of Southeast Asian women’s football. Directly the AFC Cup inter-regional semifinal. Direct play-off of European Cup. Direct quarter-finals of the Asian Cup. Directly round 3 French football. Football schedule on 267/8, dawn 28/8.

For the first time in 5 years, Arsenal had 40 minutes to play football at Anfield without breaking a single table. If they keep playing well like that time, they will have a good result before the defending champions in Europe.

But then Joel Matip appeared. In the midst of a difficult game with signs of coming to a standstill, Liverpool’s tall central defender appeared on time. A precise cross of Alexandre-Arnold, an intelligent positioning and a header. Liverpool opened the door into Arsenal’s goal like that. Then, the second and third goals came as an inevitable consequence when they forced the opponent to fall into the pursuit.

After the 3-1 win against Arsenal, many newspapers did not praise Salah. They considered the Egyptian star to be shining as expected. But they talked about Matip, who opened the winning door for The Kop. “The unsung hero of Liverpool spoke up in Liverpool’s most difficult time,” The Mirror wrote. According to this newspaper, Matip even played better than Van Dijk in the battle at Anfield, not only because of the goal scored, but also by the ability to support the main defense.

This season, many people have predicted that coach Juergen Klopp will buy more central defenders. According to experts, Van Dijk still needs a really reliable partner in the center of the defense. Dejan Lovren, Matip and Joe Gomez are still not enough to meet that requirement. But Klopp doesn’t think so. Liverpool did not buy any more stars (they only bought two young players for the future) and Klopp began to test.