Liverpool: Victory thanks to the unsung heroes (Part 2)

After the preparation period in the summer, the first match of the new season, Klopp used Gomez to play center-back against Van Dijk. That match, Liverpool won 4-1 against Norwich but Gomez still showed that he could not deserve to play next to Van Dijk.

Joel Matip has scored 2 important goals for Liverpool since the beginning of the season

From the second round, Gomez lost the starting kick and Klopp handed the opportunity to Matip. In fact, Matip was also the one who proved the best match with Van Dijk last season. Of course, the former Schalke center-back did not reach the level of the Dutch player but he still showed the necessary certainty in front of the home goal. Matip can handle, pass and pass the ball with great precision. That is also why Klopp brought him from Germany to Liverpool.

3. Matip’s excellent match against Arsenal showed that to win against strong opponents, Liverpool still had silent heroes. They may not be as outstanding as Salah, Mane or Firmino, but they are always ready to act as a match maker when given the chance.

In Liverpool now, there are many people who are in charge of that silent work. If Matip always lurks behind Van Dijk’s shadow, in the middle, Ander Henderson is ready to accept any job that Klopp requires. The captain of Liverpool is not flashy, but extremely effective with simple gameplay. When it is necessary to clean up, Henderson will clear the middle line. When the need to attack, he is ready to break into the penalty area. When the need to transmit fire, he will ignite the battle fire of teammates.

Like Henderson, Milner is the same type of player. And they, who are always behind, ready as a silent hero, are teaming up with Liverpool’s top stars, creating an unbeatable winning machine. That’s the best thing that Klopp has at Anfield.