Liverpool won the Premier League in the first time

The Premier league is one of the biggest sport events in the UK. However, the frame and popularity are spreading out all over the world.

It is the annual event held from Sep to Oct. there are 22 teams to be accepted in one season. This event plays an important role to decide the other events at the UK. The top four teams will have. The right to go the Champions league together. 2 teams at the fifth and sixth position, they will qualify to go the Euro League. The seventh team also qualifies to go the Europa league at the third round.

During 30 years of Premier league history since 1992, we have seven winners: Manchester United reaches the most with 13 titles, under management of Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsenal with 3 titles, Manchester city with 2 titles, Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool have the same one title.

In this article, we refer to winning of Liverpool at the Premier league which makes the first time in Liverpool history.

Coming to the 2019-2020 season, Liverpool had good performance in peaceful style. They turned by turned to overcome Manchester city, Manchester united to reach the second ranking. The only match they were beaten by Chelsea with final result 2-1. However, it was not much meaningful. Finally, they still stood the first ranking. They left the second position- Liverpool with 23 points. 

Their achievements were surprising and excellent for one team with series of experience in Premier league but has never got the final winning.

End the end of season, Liverpool won the title the earliest in history before 7 games. Because they made survey that no team can overcome them, even winning 7 matches. This result was a new record for the Premier league. No many teams can finish at the best achievements in one season like Liverpool.