Liverpool won the Super European Cup 2019 (Part 2)

Since then, the game is completely under Chelsea’s control. Pedro and Giroud continued to stagger Liverpool’s goal in the 22nd minute. The French striker made a wall for Pedro to break into the area. From a narrow-angle, the former striker Barca striker stretched to a high angle, bouncing off the crossbar. 10 minutes later, Pedro again made a mark when poking the slot for Kovacic to freeze. The Croatian midfielder intended to push the ball over Adrian but was blocked.

The London club approached the height, making Liverpool difficult to deploy the ball. The appearance of Kante from the beginning helps Chelsea to better remotely intercept. The French midfielder is also ready to make a sudden move. 36 minutes, Kante led the ball from the midfield and pushed Pulisic to break the middle. The American striker poked Giroud’s slot after the 32-year-old striker ran wisely. This time when facing Adrian, Giroud to trick the opponent with a shot on the far corner, opening the score.

Chelsea also put the ball into the net for the second time in the first half, in the 41st minute. Pulisic slipped the ball from the left, crossed the two Liverpool defenders and then suddenly slammed into the near corner. The referee made the offside flag with Pulisic when he received the ball. But, the main referee to finish the situation decided to ask VAR for help. The referee confirmed that Pulisic was offside.

Coach Klopp was forced to adjust during recess, by launching Firmino to replace Oxlade-Chamberlain. The change of the German strategist worked immediately. Two minutes after the break, Fabinho hung the ball for Firmino to break into the area, crossing the line to make Mane finish two goals into the empty goal. The Merseyside club continued to press on Fabinho’s long-range effort after a few minutes.

Early in the game, Chelsea must reduce the pace, limit the excitement of the opponent. By the 75th minute, Liverpool continued to make Kepa fringe. From the corner kick of Henderson, Salah crosses the corner in the penalty area. Kepa poured the money to push the ball out, then stood up to stop Van Dijk’s kick. The ball then hit the vertical column and the crossbar before being knocked out.

Kepa’s ecstatic situation sparked the beautiful pairing of two teams. Pedro and Kante are Chelsea’s bright spots when coordinating the armpit