Premier League: It is not easy for England to dominate Europe

Witness the La Liga teams in the transfer market, whether Big 6 Premier League are worried about the risk of being “usurped” in the new season in Europe?

2018/19 is the season to witness the absolute dominance of English football in the European arena. Four Premier League representatives reached the Champions League quarter-finals before Liverpool, Tottenham created the “all-English” final in the “old continent” No. 1 tournament. In the Europa League, Chelsea – Arsenal also went to the final match.

The journey of creating the Big 6 Premier League’s miracle is even more glorious because their defeats are all national champions. Liverpool beat Bayern Munich (Bundesliga, round 1/8), Barca (La Liga, semi-finals), United beat PSG (Ligue I, round 1/8), Tottenham over Ajax (Netherlands, semi-finals). In the Europa League, Chelsea was even the first team to win with unbeaten achievements.

8 years since Chelsea’s Champions League surprise, English football has lagged behind Europe and the financial potential is the foundation for the “fog country” clubs to change their flesh. Thanks to the absolute advantage of money, they recruited dozens of coaches, good players and inevitably achieved success.

However, in the summer of 2019, the purchasing power of the “Premier” of the Premier League has decreased. Man City only brought in rookie Rodri and have yet to find a center-back to replace Vincent Kompany. MU is constantly being forced to price, so only two “temporary” names are bought: Daniel James, Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Arsenal, Tottenham are extremely active when they bring back the most expensive contracts in the history of the club. The most insidious name is Aston Villa – the team has just ranked with nearly 140 million pounds and of course, there is no European Cup.

Instead, the summer transfer market 2019 is a “three-horse” race between three big Spanish players including Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. They do not hesitate to change because the line of signs “aging” steps back on the achievements in the continental arena.