Summary of the 6 most important golf tournaments in the world (Part 2)

3. Open Championship (British Open)

Is the oldest golf tournament in the four major majors of the first professional golf world held on 17/10/1860. This tournament is only held in the UK during 4 days from Thursday to Sunday and is held alternately on the pitch of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. Also, the tournament takes place sometime after the US Open and before the PGA Championship.

Currently the Open Championship world golf has 156 leading golf professionals in the world to join with amateur champions. The remaining opportunity to participate will be given to golfers both amateur and professional with outstanding achievements in qualifying.

4. PGA Championship

An annual tournament of the American Professional Golf Association and only held in the United States. The prize of this tournament is up to 8 million USD of PGA Tour, European Tour and Japan Golf Tour.

To participate in this tournament, golfers must be in the ranking from 1 to 100 in the world golf rankings and golfers who have won the PGA system from the previous years have the right to join the tournament next year. In particular, the PGA Championship is invited to compete for the next five years and will be exempted from qualifying for a lifetime for this tournament.

5. US Open Women

In addition to the four prestigious tournaments mentioned above, the Open Women’s is also a tournament among 6 world-class golf courses for the world’s leading professional female golfer.

The tournament, which has been running since 1946, has become a women’s tournament with many good fans on par with the US open men’s tournament.

6. Ryder Cup

A tournament that is the most different from the one we just shared above. This is a team tournament under the guidance of the captain and vice-captain. Before becoming a European and American tournament, the Ryder Cup was a tournament between England and the USA.

Above are 6 world-class golf tournaments with their own unique features and attractions, with each of these points offering golfers a great experience to conquer the noble sport – golf.