The possibility of Liverpool being awarded the Premier League title

Former striker Michael Owen thinks Liverpool are still the strongest team in Europe at the moment, despite their recent Champions League elimination.

The former England striker pointed out the difference between the two teams, which is the temple guard position. Jan Oblak has a day of ecstatic competition, he became the spiritual fulcrum for Atletico Madrid players when repeatedly rejected the home team’s opportunity. In the opposite direction, Andrian’s mistake directly led to Liverpool’s first goal.

With this victory, Atletico Madrid interrupted 42 unbeaten matches at Liverpool’s Anfield. Coach Juergen Klopp and the students can focus completely on the Premier League. They are aiming to break Man City’s record of 100 points set in the 2017/18 season.

Currently, Liverpool are firmly in the number 1 position in the Premier League table with 82 points, they are far ahead of the 2nd ranked team Man City to 25 points. With just 2 more wins, Liverpool will officially become the champion of the highest league in the country this season.

In the event that the season cannot continue, Liverpool can still count on being upgraded to the first Premier League title in history.

UEFA leaving EURO 2020 back one year means that the European leagues will have more time to finish. The president of the European Football Federation wants the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, … to end by June 30.

However, this is only a desire of UEFA, everything still depends on the disease situation in Europe. Premier League organizer after having more time decided to postpone the tournament at least until April 30.

According to the Telegraph, the organizer of Premier League took into account the “worst case”, which is the tournament that cannot continue from now until June because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Instead of canceling the results of the 2019/20 season, Liverpool will receive the championship immediately without completing the remaining 9 rounds.

Earlier, it was reported that the Premier League had signed an agreement to allow the broadcast of all matches with BT Sports and Sky Sports until July 31. If the season ends prematurely because of the Covid-19 epidemic, each participating team must compensate TV royalties up to £ 37 million, for a total of £ 740 million.

The decision to award the championship to Liverpool will always go against the opinion of the UEFA President. Before that, Aleksander Ceferin said the seasons would have to end, then choose the champion. There is no way a club will be awarded the trophy soon.