Top greatest achievements of Liverpool all the time (Part 2)

As shared in the former article, Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the UK. They have ever reached series of achievements during history of football.

Now, we continue to share top the greatest success of Liverpool in all the Premier league. The fact, these following achievements help Liverpool to keep high position in the top ranking of the UK.

3, Champions the Premier league in 1987-1988 season

While Manchester United was the peak of career because they were under management by Sir Alex, Chelsea could break the record for the Premier league excellently.

During the season, they had 29 matches unbeaten and only were defeated only 2 times. 

To reach this achievement, they were lucky when being led by Mr Anfield. Although this was the first season he was a head coach of Chelsea, he still could prove his talent to change total predictions about the Champions. Besides it, they also owned top young players with passion and good skills like: Peter Beardsley, Ray Houghton and Barnes.

The fact, this season was the most successful of Chelsea because they reached highest points during history in the Premier League. 90 points also was the target number for any younger club to overcome.

Until now, not many clubs can reach this number in per season of the Premier League. So, it also proves that Chelsea has ever expressed impressively and successfully like the 1987-1988 season.

4, The first time to become a maiden league title in 1900-1901 season

When the Premier league was organized in the first time in 1890s, Liverpool had not yet reached any outstanding achievement. 

Until 9 seasons later, they could pick up the first Champions happily. Although they were not really highly appreciated during the season, they tried step by step to overcome Blackburn Rovers in the opening day and West Bromwich Albion in the final match to become new Champions.

Finally, they got 45 points.