Top the best players in Liverpool all time

Liverpool is one of the most famous football clubs in the UK. This club has a rich history with a wide range of achievements.

In this article, we refer top the best players all the time.

In the last previous article, we already list 2 stars, including Robbie Fowler and Luis Suarez. Now, we continue to share other footballers in the ranking.

3/ Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres was a Spaniard footballer, he was outstanding among talented players. 

By good appearance, he had a big number of fans. Although he was in sporadic injuries, he had still reached good performances like 142 appearances for Liverpool.

During the season 1996-1997, he scored more than 30 goals in this season.

4/ Steve McMahon

Steve McMahon came back Liverpool since 1985. This a new transfer of Liverpool with expect to make higher title in the ranking.

He played at a central midfielder as playing an important role for this team to reach more achievements. He already won three times in the League and two times in the FA cup in total 277 appearances at the filed. 

He made impressive when he always desired unique style.

5/ Michael Owen

Michael Own had nickname as the “Boy Wonder”. He was considered as the youngest player at Liverpool now.

At age of 17 years old, he could improve experienced skills to go to the keeper’s left successfully. 

He was described as a poacher with fast and flexible style in dealing in 158 times and 297 appearances.

6/ Steve Heighway

When he was 22 year old, he already signed the contract with Liverpool since 1970. This period was new and young to start a professional career.

He got total 76 goals during 475 times in appearance. He always made confident and secure during his performance on the field.