Top the best players in Liverpool all time

In this article, we continue to collect data about top the greatest footballers in Liverpool club which is one of the most successful clubs in the UK, besides Manchester united, Chelsea. 

Our ranking will list some famous names during the history of Liverpool.

7/ John Barnes

John Barnes made deep impression in Liverpool history when he was the first black footballer to come and develop professional career at one club of the Western while the racial war had still happened and caused deep inequality. However, his talent was still respected and successful at Liverpool.

He played impressively with the mixture of power, fast pace as well flexible skills to leave any opposing players. He completed successfully at the defender position and became an essential part of this team.

During 10 years in the uniform of the Reds, he scored 108 goals which was a truly achievements to make his frame as one of the greatest footballers.

8/ Ian Rush

Ian Rush worked and performed his ability as a top man. No need to make something noisy or special, he only practiced and played with flawless attitude and tireless performance. He was the main inspiration for his team during the time played at the Liverpool.

In total 660 appearances in the pitch under the uniform of the Red, he got total 346 goals which was an amazing achievement for any footballer.

9/ Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish was famous at the Red as a star footballer and a head coach.

During the professional career of a player, he got 172 goals then became the first name to be remembered at any event. The most memorial goal was in the final match at the European Cup in 1978. He contributed to pick up trophy cup for this team.