Top the best players in Liverpool all time

Football is the most favorite sports during history of the human life. It’s amazing and interesting when we guess then wait a result of a match. Movements of ball among footballers make spectators hopeful, confusing and a little impressive.

In this article, we will discuss top players of one football team which maintains many records and titles at the European Cup as well Premier Champion Cup. This is Liverpool. Although it is a football team of a city in the UK, it owns a big number of fans throughout the world.

Following our analysis to understand clearly why Liverpool can be well-known with football like this.

1/ Robbie Fowler

Fowler is called with nickname as the “God” when he got series of goals for the Reds.

He is also described as an instinctive poacher to be deserved to wear and praise by fans of Liverpool. Estimated that he has total 369 times for appearances while he got only 183 goals.

Currently, he is on the top highest scorer in the Premier League during the time.

The truth that the most memorial event in his career was 1994 and 1997 when he was voted as one of the greatest strikers during the seasons. He also was won the player of year during 2 year of 1995 and 1996.

Total summary of his achievement includes: FA Cup, 2 times for League Cup, UEFA Cup, European Super Cup and 2 times for PFA.

2/ Luis Suarez

In the modern era, Suarez is regarded as one of the best attackers in Liverpool. He has been transferred from Ajax then he proves that he is deserved to receive big amount from salary.

In 2013-2014 was the most successful season of Luis when he became as the join-top scorer, beside Cristiano Ronaldo. Although he had to compete against top higher position of top best soccer.