Top the most favorite sports in the UK (Part 1)

The UK is located in the North Western of Europe. It is well-known as home of many sports which are dominated in the international ranking by the English athletes like football, rugby, tennis…

In this article, we have checklist about top the most popular sports at there. Our ranking is based on achievements of professional players at the international competition and popularity of the local in their daily life.

Following it if you love and discover this beautiful nation.

1, Football

No doubtful when football is ranked on the first favorite sport in the UK. The fact, football of the UK is well-known and followed by millions of fans from all over the world.

According to documents, the UK is one of the first nations to explore and develop football. So, visiting the UK, you can discover many interested stories about football.

The Football Association is the highest governing association at there. They are responsible to manage, train as well organize all football tournament in and outside.

There are some famous events loved and known as like: the Premier league which consists 20 best clubs in the UK, the FA Cup or the Capital One Cup which are the oldest events in there.

2, Cricket

Cricket is loved and popular in the UK. It is offered as a national sport. 

In the ranking of ICC, the UK cricket team is on top 3 best teams with the most successes, besides Australia and India.

In the UK, there is a domestic cricket competition annually for 18 the best clubs all over the country. All clubs are named after historic places of this nation. This event is called as the First class country championship. Through this tournament, the cricket governing will employ outstanding athletes for the national team.