Chelsea eliminated Liverpool in the fifth round of the FA Cup

England Win 2-0 in the fifth round of the FA Cup, Chelsea made Liverpool disillusioned.

Prior to his trip at Stamford Bridge, Jurgen Klopp spoke up about using the strongest squad. Liverpool have lost two of their last three matches, and they need a positive result in the FA Cup to regain morale.

But in the end, the German coach used many substitutes. Of the 11 main names on the evening of 3/3, only Virgil Van Dijk, Andrew Robertson, Fabinho and Sadio Mane regularly play. With a patchwork squad, little experience playing and working side by side, Liverpool only played well in the first half and didn’t have a single shot on target in the remaining 45 minutes.

Two goals lost to Chelsea exposed all the weaknesses that made Liverpool fall through time: The lack of concentration in the defense. 13 minutes, originating from the pitching phase of Adrian, Fabinho slipped and missed the ball just before the penalty area. Willian takes the ball and takes a deep shot, sinking into the position Adrian has chosen. However, the Spanish goalkeeper was startled, let the ball into his hand and flew into the net.

The score of 2-0 does not reflect all the opportunities Chelsea created, especially in the second half. When proactively shrinking on the defense, waiting to exploit the gaps behind the visitors’ defense, “The Blues” has two more definitely hit Adrian crossbar. The first time the score increased the score to two minutes, Mason Mount technical shot, leaving the Liverpool temple watchman. 15 minutes before the hour ended, Olivier Giroud deftly past Joe Gomez and finish at close range, but luck continues to turn away to the home team.

Lower Liverpool, Chelsea are closer to winning the first title in the Lampard era. Meanwhile, Liverpool lost for the third time in the last four matches. In a perfect season, which can set many records of English football, and the thirst for the Premier League title lasting 30 years, Klopp’s teachers and students still leave question marks, the biggest difference is between the main and reserve squad.