Liverpool – Leicester: The return of Rodgers (Part 3)

The players loved the way the new coach saw every Celtic goal scored and was conceded last season. When Rodgers invited his wife to his home in London for dinner, Rodgers invited him to be his head chef at Celtic. Because Rodgers wants the players to follow his menu.

With Celtic, Rodgers quickly achieved success and won the first trophies in his life

Rodgers used the term “dream job” during his time at Celtic. But the dream job began with a nightmare result, when Celtic lost 1-0 to Lincoln Red Imps, a Gibraltar club. He reassured everyone: “There is nothing to panic.” It was not an optimistic optimism, because then Celtic had plunged like an unstoppable train. He breathed new life into Celtic, helping the team play very nice and effective football. They won the treble in the first season and set a record 47 matches not lost in the domestic league, the press was nicknamed “invincible”. They pressed, they held the ball, they scored without tired.

Then all soon realized: Rodgers was too good for the common ground of Scottish football. Though he thought so, he never told anyone. Rodgers remained polite and respected his colleagues. In the domestic league, he won every possible title. In nearly three seasons in Scotland, he and Celtic won seven trophies, worshiped by fans. His personal life was almost complete when Rodgers married his second wife, Charlotte, in 2017.

Of course genuine goods can not be cheap. Rodgers are very demanding, so the costs are high. Lennoxtown football field and equipment have been upgraded, a Desso hybrid grass field is installed at Celtic Park. In an away match, they hired a luxury aircraft used by Madonna. Celtic’s salary fund rises to 59 million pounds per year (equivalent to 72 million dollars), while the total salary of rival Rangers is only 17.5 million pounds, of Aberdeen is 7.7 million pounds. Rodgers alone earned £ 2.3 million a year, triple his former coach Delia.