Liverpool won easily against Leicester

Alexandre-Arnold and Roberto Firmino shine, helping Liverpool to defeat Leicester 4-0 in the 19 Premier League on December 26.


Frimino at the 31st minute, 75th minute, Milner (penalty) at the 71st minute, Alexander-Arnold at the 78th minute.

Liverpool conceded the overwhelming game with an opening goal in the 31st minute. Trent Alexander-Arnold moved to the left, before crossing the right foot into the penalty area for Roberto Firmino to head and defeat Schmeichel.

The goal helped Liverpool excited and at the same time stun Leicester. Only two minutes later, the hosts defended the ball un Definitely, putting Sadio Mane to face Schmeichel. The Danish goalkeeper played brilliantly to keep a goal gap when the two teams went into the break.

Firmino, after shining in the semi-finals and final of the FIFA Club World Cup, continues to show high form. The Brazilian striker nearly doubled the gap if he finished the ball near the wall in the 56th minute to go to the center of the ball.

The great pressure of Liverpool finally forced the Leicester defense to make a serious mistake. From a corner by Alexander-Arnold, center-back Caglar Soyuncu blocks the ball with his hand. The referee Michael Oliver pointed to the spot, in opposition to the home players. From a distance of 11 meters, James Milner scored the first goal after entering the field.

Led 0-2, Leicester were in a position to rise to find the goal. But their force was not enough, leading to the ball easily broken, creating opportunities for Liverpool to counterattack. From such a ball, 75 minutes – just four minutes after Milner’s goal, Alexander-Arnold for the second time in an assist to Firmino to score. This time, the England defender stretched to the Brazilian team-mate for a touch and then finished into the top corner.

Leicester completely broke the match after that goal. Just three minutes later, their sagging squad allowed Sadio Mane to freely play the ball for Alexander-Arnold to the right wing. The Liverpool defender struck a corner in the corner to set the victory 4-0. The goal was compared to the goal by defender Carlos Alberto in Brazil against Italy 4-1 in the 1970 World Cup final.

The 4-0 victory not only brings joy to the teachers and students Jurgen Klopp, but also makes their former famous players excited with the comments on social networks. Former center-back Jamie Carragher even insists Liverpool is the strongest team in the world at this time.