Liverpool won over Newcastle in the Premier League fifth round (Part 2)

The difference of only one table made the first half of the second half become very exciting. Newcastle bravely sought a goal, while Liverpool still felt unsafe when the score was 2-1. However, Newcastle only had one chance with the ending phase to rush the ball over the bar of right-back Kraft. On the contrary, the offensive attack brought Liverpool a series of situations that could be eaten.

After Wijnaldum, Arnold, Firmino, Robertson and Van Dijk took turns kicking out, denied by the goalkeeper and Newcastle defender, Liverpool also succeeded in widening the gap. It was a beautiful triangle combination that ended with Firmino hitting the heel like having an eye behind his back, bringing the ball to a favorable position for Salah to come down to defeat Dubravka when facing from a tight angle in the 72nd minute.

The three goals that Liverpool scored still have not reflected the situation, where they overwhelmed with 21 shots, a series of good chances in the overwhelming game.

Newcastle collapsed after this goal and almost suffered the match before the ball up of Liverpool. The home side seemed to have a fourth table when Mane picked up the ball from Firmino and then put the ball into an empty net, but the linesman stretched the flag for the Senegal striker. However, 3-1 was enough for Liverpool to be happy.

Liverpool has three more points to stay at the top of the table. They also extended the winning streak in the Premier League to 14 games, the unbeaten circuit at home in the Premier League to 42 games. The 3-1 victory over Newcastle is also the 22nd consecutive unbeaten match of Jurgen Klopp. These are meaningful spiritual stepping stones for Liverpool before they start the campaign to protect the throne in the Champions League with a trip on Napoli at 2h Wednesday, September 18th.