Membership in the hometown of golf dropped alarmingly

Scotland and England are considered the cradle of golf, but the number of golf course members here is declining significantly. Let’s have a look at this issue by reading the article below.

A report on the current state of golf playing in Europe in 2019 by KPMG shows a decrease in the number of registered golfers and golf course members in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is the alarm for the owners as well as the local agency or organization responsible for the development of the sport.

Scotland is considered the origin of golf, but lost 7,521 golfer, equivalent to 4% in the period 2017-2018. Currently, Scotland has 180,281 registered golfers playing on the field, while in 2017, this figure was 187.802 people.

The decline in registered players and members is an alarming signal for golf organizers and planners in the UK.

In the same time frame, Wales saw 1,808 people no longer participate in the sport and a field closed. Meanwhile, in the UK – the country with the largest registered golfer activity in Europe, this group dropped 10,688 people.

In the period of 2014-2019, from 210,000 registered golfers, the rate of decline in Scotland stood at 14.07%, while the UK was 9.43%, Ireland recorded 8.59%. Wales “damage” the worst rate of 16.92%.

In 2018, Europe had nearly 413,000 registered golfers with 68% of males, 25% of females and 7% of teens. This figure is down more than 24,000 people from the previous year. The area recorded 6,859 stadiums in 2018, a decrease of three yards from a year earlier.

The KPMG report does not include golfers who stopped registering or removed membership but still played golf. Although released in 2019, this report assesses the status of 2017-2018 and compares with 2014.

Data was collected by KPMG from specialized organizations in the first six months of this year.