Premier League players fall into the irony due to Covid-19

With the suspension of the Premier League, Willian, Adam Lallana and Jan Vertonghen and many players are in the ironic situation when the contract expires at the end of the season.

After the Premier League discovered two players positive for corona virus, the highest league of fog was officially postponed until April 3. This means that the Premier League 2019/20 will not be finished on time, but may continue to July.

Currently, the Premier League has a total of 69 free players after June 30 (the time of the Premier League is still happening), if not renewed the contract with the host club.

As such, the Covid-19 translation could set an unprecedented precedent in tournament history, when players could completely refuse to play even though the season was not over due to contract expiration.

According to Mr. Onwere’s many years of experience, the tournament was lasted until July due to the effects of the epidemic not specified in the majority of professional players’ contracts. This accidentally causes difficulties for the clubs.

Some officials in the Premier League have considered the contract options of the players. A proposed solution is that the player and the club will negotiate a new contract to play for the end of this season and receive an agreed salary.

As such, if the player has not yet signed a new team, his former club will be obligated to pay the player until the end of July when the season ends.

In this case, the clubs can fall into a passive position, because must ensure enough players to finish the season. Therefore, the team may have to accept to pay a large amount of money for the players in 1 month, even a few months of prolonged competition, depending on the situation of the disease.

Another scenario that the Premier League organizers consider is the end of the season immediately based on the current rankings. However, which team will be the champion, the team to attend the Champions League, promotion and relegation is difficult to get the general consensus of the clubs.