Rodri: ‘Liverpool just luckily win’

Midfielder Rodri thinks Man City is the better team in England’s great battle at Anfield over the weekend.

In the match that the referee and VAR controversy, Liverpool led 2-0 after the first 13 minutes and then beat Man City 3-1. Failure is not easy to swallow with Rodri and his teammates, because it makes Man City nine points from Liverpool. From the beginning of the military career, Pep Guardiola’s teams have never been so far away from the top table after 12 rounds. Even so, Rodri didn’t think his chances of winning the Premier League were over for him and his teammates.

Man City will have two weeks to regain their spirits before taking on Chelsea on November 23. Three days later, they met Shakhtar in the Champions League and then came to visit Newcastle at the end of the month.

Liverpool beat Man City

Lowering Man City 3-1 in the Premier League round 12 on November 10, Liverpool made an eight-point gap with the second-placed team.

Goalscorers: Fabinho 6 ‘, Salah 13’, Mane 51 ‘- Bernardo 78’

The 12th round match was waiting for fans when Liverpool and Man City were champions. But, two early goals in the first 13 minutes helped the Anfield club owner impose the game. Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students continued to be unbeaten, with their 11th win. The gap between them and runner-up Leicester was eight points, while Man City fell to fourth.

Man City joined better, but soon got a controversial goal. In the sixth minute, Bernardo Silva went into the penalty area and passed the ball to Alexander-Arnold. Referee Michael Oliver waved his hand immediately and helped Liverpool counterattack.

Fabinho received the ball in front of the penalty area and fired at the near corner. Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo was unable to fly and pushed the ball away. Man City player surrounded the referee for justice. VAR reviewed the situation, but still recognized the goal for Liverpool.