Summary of the 6 most important golf tournaments in the world (Part 1)

Every year thousands of small and large golf tournaments around the world. However, only big tournaments and famous golfers are attracted by many fans and look forward to every day, every hour to see the perfect shots of professional golfers. Today, we will be presenting 6 of the most important golf tournaments in the world today for readers to better understand these world-class golf tournaments.

When arguing about the biggest and most important golf tournament, the person who raised the question was worried that there would be mixed or skewed opinions about his favorite golf tournament. But fortunately, the majority of ideas are inclined toward the following 6 golf tournaments. Even world-famous golfers like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Seve Ballesteros share the same opinion and think that the golf tournament is one of the world’s largest.

1. World golf tournament: The Masters

The Masters is a golf tournament that takes place in April and ends on the second Sunday of April every year. It is one of the four largest and most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. The Masters World Golf Tournament first took place in 1934 at the Augusta National Course in Georgia, where the tournament is still held.

With a total prize of up to 9 million USD this will certainly be the tournament with the highest prize and the most expected golfer of the year. Each year, the tournament gathers around 50 of the world’s leading professional golfers. This is a tournament with a number of special traditions, not to mention the green jacket called Green Jacket is considered the most prestigious award in the sports world.

2. The US Open prize

The US Open world golf tournament is organized by the American golf association in the middle of June every year and ends on the third Sunday of June. This is the second tournament in the four major events of the world golf village and It is also the official schedule of European Tour and PGA Tour.

The US Open golf tournament was first held at the Newport Country Club (Rhode Island) golf course on October 4, 1895. This grand tournament is quite special in terms of venue, each year will be held at different golf courses around the United States. The selection of golf courses to organize the tournament is very strict, most of the courses are long, high rough grass, narrow fairway and short grass on the green to make the ball rolling very quickly, giving players new challenges difficult to conquer.