The Premier League is expected to return in the near future

Despite the unpredictable epidemic in the UK, football organizers of the fog are still optimistic about the possibility of the Premier League returning as expected.

In the latest internal meeting between 20 Premier League clubs, the top league tournament schedule for England will return on April 30. However, the decision of the Premier League organizers was initially identified as “overly optimistic”, as the epidemic situation in England was still very tense.

However, the BBC discloses that English football organizers have taken into account the possibility that the Premier League will continue to take place in a situation where the epidemic may not have been completely terminated. To support the statement, the British took the example from Australia, where the government of the country had a time to allow sports tournaments to take place normally in Melbourne, in an audience-free arena.

Together with the Belarus League in Europe, the Australian League (A.League) is one of the few major tournaments in the world that takes place despite the epidemic.

On March 23, the match between Newcastle Jets and Melbourne City was still going on normally. Meanwhile, last week, up to 3 matches of the A.League still took place in the stadium without the audience.

On March 24, the Australian government decided to suspend all kangaroo sports activities. However, the case of A.League in recent years is still the basis for the Premier League to be more confident about continuing matches in an audience-free situation.

On the other hand, Martin Semmens, chief executive of Southampton, said the Premier League could return to play even if the government’s blockade has not ended.

Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta, who was recently found positive for corona virus, has declared a cure. In the view of many Premier League clubs, if the players and the players involved are proven healthy, the tournament can continue to play in a “closed” state without spreading the disease.

The BBC believes the British government may offer some solutions to the Premier League being replayed, due to the financial benefits this tournament brings to the British economy. In the 2016/17 season, the Premier League alone earned over $ 3.9 billion in income taxes for the British government.

Financially, the English clubs will suffer heavy losses if the 2019/20 season is canceled midway. Premier League organizers are under great pressure from TV companies to bring the games back.