Top greatest achievements of Liverpool all the time (Part 1)

Liverpool is one of the most successful football clubs in the UK which always on the high top. 

During history of Liverpool, they have series of successes and titles at all domestic and international football competitions.

In this article, we will check list top greatest achievements of this club all the time. If you are a fan of Liverpool, some events should be memorial as following.

1, Champions the Premier league in 1989-1990 season

The Premier league is the most prestigious football events for any UK domestic club, therefore the champion is always to become the first goal of per club in per coming season.

In the 1989-1990 season, Liverpool was successful to win the title with 79 points. They were excellent to overcome the second team with nine-points in 23 matches.

Thanks to some talented players like John Barnes as well management of Sir Kenny, The Reds became the winner with new record in the Premier league history.

2, Trible cups in 1983-1984 season

As soon as Joe Fagan became a head coach of the Reds, he made deeply impressive for any Liverpool’s fan by series of winning in the first season he took care. It looked like the perfect start.

His students reached the European cup, the League cup and the first division. It was a memorial season for anyone loving the Reds. It was sweet result for their efforts as well their stable performance in a long time.

Especially, in the League cup, they reached 80 points which was more than 3 points the second team- Southampton.

In this season, Ian Rush was voted for the Golden Boot award because he was excellent to make 33 scores in one league and about 47 scores in the whole season. It was a remarkable event for Liverpool as well Ian Rush.