What are the most popular sports in England? (Part 2)

8. Tennis

Tennis history in England dates back hundreds of years. The most prestigious tennis event in England (and the world!) Is the Wimbledon Championship. The championship is one of four major tournaments with others being the French Open (Roland-Garros), the US Open Tennis Championships and the Australian Open.

Although tennis is an individual sport, it is the third most popular sport in the UK that attracts sports enthusiasts, tourists and critics worldwide. Tennis in the UK is managed by the Lawn Tennis Association.

The body invests most of the profits from in-game tournaments in the hope of producing world champions. The UK has given some of the best players in the game’s history including Greg Ruseski, Tim Henman, Andy Murray, Anne Keothavong and Elena Baltacha.

7. Swimming

Swimming is one of the biggest sports in the UK when participating. It is even bigger than athletics according to Sports England (2014). Young people love and go crazy about swimming with most participating in some swimming events just for fun. British Swimming, an umbrella body formed by swimming organizations in various countries of the United Kingdom, is responsible for managing and promoting this sport in the United Kingdom.

The UK sends a large rep to international swimming events and continues to achieve great success in events such as the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games. There are also club competitions at all levels across the United Kingdom that identify and nurture swimming talents in all age groups.

6. Rounding

Rounders, also known as basic bat and ball runs, have been played in England since the Tudor era. It is common among British and Irish pupils. In the UK, rounders are regulated by Rounders England. Games played in England involve smaller bats and balls and are often played on smaller courts than those in Ireland, managed by the Gaelic Athletics Association.

Rounders is mostly popular in the UK while it is rarely played in other constituent countries of the United Kingdom. However, this sport is becoming popular and is recognized as one of the most important sports in this country due to the competition between schools and regions taking place in the United Kingdom.